Xanthelasma Season

These yellow deposits on the eyelids can be a sign of high cholesterol, so please get your cholesterol checked if you have them.

To remove Xanthelasma various treatments are available. They fall into two categories – the first is to damage in some way the structure of the cells containing the cholesterol deposits and allow the body to heal up, hopefully dispersing the cholesterol, the second is to remove surgically the tiny patch of skin that contains the deposit. Either can be very effective but I prefer surgery (in fact I do not offer the other methods (e.g. laser, cryotherapy). It does not necessarily follow that treating high cholesterol will treat the Xanthelasma.

The skin containing the deposit is numbed with local anaesthetic and the tiny area removed and closed under magnification with hairs breadth stitches which dissolve so do not need removal.

Is it “xanthelasma season”? – suddenly there seem to be lots – we carried out eight surgical removals this week!

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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