Xanthelasma Removal Example

xanthelasma-removal image

“Thank you once again for an amazing job on my eyes and for giving me my confidence back :)” was an email I received yesterday from this Hampshire lady who came to me after two previous operations for eyelid cholesterol fatty deposits (Xanthelasma). I removed them as a walk-in walk-out procedure under local anaesthetic.

Pictures show 14-day results with the last traces of bruising, soon to vanish. She has also noticed slight wrinkle reduction like a mini blepharoplasty.

If you have similar, please call 07398925755. I love to be able to restore confidence.
I am a vascular surgeon specialising in varicose veins and thread veins who loves fine, meticulous surgery such as cyst removal, mole removal and lipoma removal, especially on the face where precision is essential.

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