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Eliminate unsightly thread veins from the legs, face, or chest with our walk-in and walk-out procedures. I provide top-tier microsclerotherapy and radio-frequency (“vein-away”) treatments. Schedule your consultation today.

How can I help with Thread Vein Removal in Portsmouth?

Thread veins, commonly referred to as spider veins, often manifest on the legs, face, chest, and occasionally other areas, becoming a concern for many.

For those on the legs, it’s possible they might be linked to underlying varicose veins not immediately visible (an ultrasound can confirm this).

Achieving the best outcomes for thread veins typically demands multiple sessions, but the results consistently impress our Portsmouth clients.

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Thread Vein Removal in Portsmouth

From our Waterlooville clinic, near the historic city of Portsmouth, we specialise in thread vein removal or sclerotherapy. This medical procedure involves introducing a sclerosing agent into the vein, making it collapse and subsequently vanish.

The development of Thread Veins is attributed to weak vein valves that allow blood to backflow and accumulate. As the vein expands, it becomes conspicuously visible. Some contributing factors to this condition include:

  • Hormonal shifts (like those during pregnancy)
  • Extended periods of standing or sitting
  • Obesity

What does the treatment for Thread Vein Removal involve?

Sessions are structured to last 30 minutes and are conducted in our Waterlooville clinic.

For leg thread veins, we typically suggest microsclerotherapy. Here, a sclerosant solution is introduced using a minuscule needle, almost comparable to those used by children with diabetes. After this, a compression stocking is recommended for a week to enhance the effectiveness of the sclerosant.

For facial redness, our specialists use the “vein-away” electrical radio-frequency sealing approach.

Do note that achieving the desired outcome often necessitates multiple sessions.

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Recovery from Thread Vein Removal

Post-treatment, it’s natural to experience a slight itchiness and a bit of discomfort around the treated areas. The veins might seem more pronounced due to inflammation initially. As they begin to recover, a faint brown mark might appear but this almost always diminishes in a few months.

Although the veins might look more pronounced right after the procedure, their visibility significantly reduces over a span of several weeks.

What you can expect from Thread Vein Removal

Expect unparalleled outcomes with thread vein removal. This minimally invasive procedure ensures that the veins recede over several weeks post-treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thread Vein Removal Portsmouth

We define thread vein removal as a medical process, sclerotherapy, designed to eliminate thread veins from the skin. By introducing a minute quantity of a sclerosing solution, the vein is prompted to collapse and fade away.

Spider veins or thread veins are tiny, visible veins that manifest on the skin’s surface, often taking on a reddish or blue hue. While typically harmless, many in Portsmouth opt for removal purely for aesthetic reasons.

The simplicity of the thread vein removal procedure in Portsmouth ensures a brief treatment duration. Most clients report minimal post-treatment discomfort and healing predominantly concludes within a week. Some mild bruising might linger slightly longer, and while the treated region might seem more red post-procedure, this gradually diminishes.

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