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Mole removal Waterlooville – Your bothersome moles can be efficiently and accurately removed at my clinic near Fareham, Waterlooville. Schedule your consultation without delay.

How can I help with Mole Removal in Waterlooville?

Moles can often cause discomfort and worry. I’m here to eliminate these concerns and help you regain your confidence quickly.

Mole removal is a straightforward procedure with minimal scarring and a swift recovery. I can conduct your mole removal during your initial consultation visit.

With several decades of experience as a consultant surgeon in private practice and within the NHS, I’ve performed numerous mole removals along with other procedures. At Solent Vascular Care, prioritising your health is our foremost commitment.

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Mole Removal in Waterlooville

A mole typically forms when your skin cells accumulate in a group instead of spreading uniformly across your skin. Various factors, such as sun exposure, hormones, and genetics, can trigger the formation of moles.

Most moles are entirely harmless. However, in infrequent cases, moles can become melanomas, which represent the most dangerous form of skin cancer. For your peace of mind, I send all removed moles to a specialist pathologist for additional scrutiny. This ensures your well-being is thoroughly assessed.

What does the treatment for Mole Removal involve?

The first step in mole removal involves numbing the region around the mole using a local anaesthetic. Your mole is then removed swiftly and accurately under magnification.

The minor wound created is sealed using micro-absorbable stitches. These stitches dissolve on their own over time, eliminating the need for a follow-up visit to remove stitches.

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Recovery from Mole Removal

Mole removal recovery typically happens rapidly, usually within a span of two weeks. Moles on the face and nose heal faster, with recovery expected within a week. The dissolvable stitches used in the process take approximately 2–3 weeks to dissolve fully.

What you can expect from Mole Removal

The mole removal procedure, lasting around 30 minutes, varies depending on the type and location of the mole. The treatment begins with local anaesthesia, followed by a meticulous removal, and concludes with the application of dissolving stitches. This efficient, comfortable process prioritises your well-being and minimises any disruption to your daily routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mole Removal Waterlooville

For the removal of a single mole, my charge ranges from £455 to £500. Should you wish to have any additional moles removed during the same session, the cost would be an additional £120 per mole.

Thanks to the use of local anaesthesia, the mole removal procedure itself is usually painless. There might be slight discomfort during the application of the anaesthetic, but once it takes effect, you should not feel any pain. Post-procedure, you may experience some tenderness in the area, but this is typically mild and short-lived.

Mole removal is a generally safe procedure with few risks. However, like any surgical procedure, there can be potential complications, such as infection or an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia. Some people might also notice a small scar after the wound has healed. Rest assured, I take every precaution to minimise these risks, and the moles removed are sent for further examination to confirm their benign nature.

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