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Mole removal Fareham – I can quickly and precisely remove your unwanted moles from my clinic in Waterlooville near Fareham. Book your consultation today.

How can I help with Mole Removal in Fareham?

Moles can be embarrassing and worrying. I can quickly take away your worries and restore your self-confidence.

Mole removal is a straightforward procedure with minimal scarring and quick recovery. I can proceed with your mole removal during the same visit as your consultation.

I have performed mole removals alongside other procedures for several decades as a consultant surgeon in private practice and within the NHS. At Solent Vascular Care, your care is our priority.

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Simon Payne
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Mole Removal in Fareham

A mole can appear when your skin cells form in a cluster rather than being distributed evenly throughout your skin tissue. Moles can be triggered by a number of factors including sun exposure, hormones and genetics.

The vast majority of moles are completely benign. In rare instances, moles can develop into melanomas, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. I send all the moles that I remove to a consultant pathologist for further examination. This is to reassure you that everything’s ok.

What does the treatment for Mole Removal involve?

The first step in mole removal is to numb the area surrounding the mole with a local anaesthetic. I then quickly and precisely remove your mole under magnification.

The small wound left behind will be closed using micro-absorbable stitches. This means that you don’t have to come back for a stitch removal visit.

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Recovery from Mole Removal

Mole removals heal quickly over the space of a couple of weeks. Facial and nose moles heal even quicker – you can expect healing to take place over a week. The stitches take around 2–3 weeks to dissolve completely.

What you can expect from Mole Removal

Mole removal takes around 30 minutes, depending on the type of mole and where on your body it’s located.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mole Removal Fareham

No, mole removal is quick and relatively painless. I thoroughly numb the area around the mole with a local anaesthetic, ensuring you don’t feel anything.

Of course, if you’re concerned about a mole or if it has recently changed then the NHS offer a fast-track mole removal service. See the criteria for change here.

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