Anal Skin Tag Removal

We offer anal skin tag removal under local anaesthetic and take away the immense discomfort an intimate skin tag can cause.

How can I help with Anal Skin Tag Removal?

Anal skin tags can be irritating and interfere with good anal hygiene. They can develop due to previous haemorrhoids (piles), pregnancy or fissures (painful splits in the anal lining). They’re a common problem and can cause a considerable nuisance.

A skin tag can feel like a constant reminder, a worry that won’t disappear. Removing them is an easy, uncomplicated procedure that can take the irritation away instantly and allow you to move on with your life.


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Simon Payne
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If you’d like to find out more about how I can help with Anal Skin Tag Removal then an initial consultation can be arranged at your convenience.

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What is Anal Skin Tag Removal?

Anal skin tags are often the result of previous haemorrhoids (piles), pregnancy or fissures (painful splits in the anal lining). If haemorrhoids are still coming down when opening the bowels or if a fissure is still painful during defaecation then these should be attended to before addressing the anal skin tag. Making sure that there is no straining during defaecation by eating a fibre-rich diet and using stool softeners will help many sufferers. If the problem persists, a colorectal surgeon will be able to help.

If there is blood in the faeces (not just on the toilet paper), then the bowel should be checked to discover the source of the bleeding. This is very important. Polyps can develop in the lower bowel and may bleed. These polyps left alone, may develop over the years into a cancer. Blood in the faeces can be an early warning sign that a polyp has developed and should be treated before it has the opportunity to become more troublesome. You should tell your doctor without delay.

What does the treatment for Anal Skin Tag Removal involve?

If you choose to proceed with your surgery, I will mark the edges of the tag. This is because the local anaesthetic will cause the tag to swell, and I will only remove the tag itself. You will be lying sideways on the couch, in a curled position, towards the nurse. Having injected local anaesthetic (this is uncomfortable but brief), I will remove the tag using magnification to ensure accurate, precise surgery. Initial bleeding will be treated, and a gauze pad will be placed to absorb a little more bleeding, which is inevitable.

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Recovery from Anal Skin Tag Removal

Recovery from anal skin tag removal is quick and hassle-free. People tend to feel back to normal with no pain or bleeding after approximately two weeks.

You can drive away from your surgery, but most patients ask a friend or spouse to collect them after surgery for comfort.

What you can expect from Anal Skin Tag Removal

Getting rid of irritating tags can be a huge weight off your mind. It’s one of those procedures that’s worth getting if you’re bothered by your anal skin tag.

At Solent Vascular Care, we routinely remove anal skin tags from people looking to get on with their lives and free themselves from irritation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anal Skin Tag Removal

Most people feel back to normal with no pain and no more bleeding after two weeks and are pleased to be rid of their irritating tag(s).

Rarely, a fissure can develop after tag surgery. This can be avoided by ensuring that the stool is soft (plenty of water, dietary fibre, and laxatives) and by using regular painkillers (to reduce muscle spasms caused by pain).

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