The Next Dr. Pimple Popper…?

We all love a good transformation, and when it comes to medical procedures, seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ can be both fascinating and reassuring. A recent patient, after a successful scalp cyst removal by Mr. Payne, playfully nicknamed him “Dr. Pimple Popper“, referencing the popular YouTube sensation.

A scalp cyst, often filled with keratin, is a benign growth that can appear as a bump on the head. While it’s generally harmless, many choose to have it removed due to discomfort, cosmetic concerns, or potential for growth. The removal process is swift, clean, and carried out under local anaesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort. Recovery is swift with the proper aftercare.

Want to see the magic for yourself? Watch the video below.

dr pimple popper cover image

Feeling inspired or looking to bid farewell to a bothersome scalp cyst of your own? Don’t wait. Book a consultation with us and ensure your scalp feels and looks its best.

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