Scalp sebaceous cyst removal

This lovely lady collected a photo diary of her scalp sebaceous cyst removal and sent me the pics for FB etc. with the following comment: “It healed up very nicely and quickly, my hair has grown back – and now I can’t even find where the lump was.”

I am delighted that she is pleased and thank you to my patient for letting me know and sending these. If you have similar, I would love to help you too.

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  1. After my GP diagnosed a sebaceous cyst on my back, she advised my that it could take up to three months wait to have the small surgical procedure to have it removed on the NHS. I was concerned about the cyst and really didn’t want such a long time worrying. I contacted Simon the same evening and less than 24 hours later the cyst was removed. The procedure was painless, Simon put me at ease straight away and the assistant nurse was friendly, chatty and took my mind off what was happening.
    I would highly recommend Simon and his practise. It was worth every penny.

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