Recovery From Xanthelasma Surgery

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Xanthelasma(ta) are cholesterol-rich fatty lumps that appear in the skin of the eyelids (and sometimes elsewhere). There are different ways of managing them, such as laser, plasma etc. My preference is to remove the tiny area of skin that contains the fatty substance rather than destroy it with energy, such as a laser, which will damage the skin and sometimes produce visible patches of scar tissue. The skin of this area does heal rapidly and most patients are very pleased and surprised with the result.

Some care before and after the surgery will help you obtain the best result possible.

Please eat and drink normally on the day of your surgery (it is easier to relax if you are not hungry).

Taking paracetamol beforehand is useful (assuming you have no requirement to avoid it), it enhances the efficacy of the local anaesthetic and makes the procedure more comfortable for you.

If you can avoid wearing make-up it is helpful and will make it easier to clean the skin before surgery.

Your eyelid(s) will be numbed with an injection of local anaesthetic which will last about an hour or two. The eyelid will be puffy but this swelling soon settles. Theoretically, this might impede vision and therefore, being driven home is a good idea (in practice, I have not encountered this as a difficulty, but it is possible).

Your tiny wound(s) will be dressed initially with antibiotic cream to help combat infection. I suggest obtaining some chloramphenicol eye ointment (not drops), savlon healing gel (or petroleum gel) and cotton wool pads for gentle cleaning.

Cleaning the eyelid regularly after surgery should be carried out in as clean a manner as possible, using previously boiled (and then cooled!) tap water soaked into the cotton pads. Please wash your hands with soap beforehand but do not use soap on the eyelids.

For the first few days an application of chloramphenicol ointment across the wound using the cooled handle of a teaspoon (previously dipped in boiling water to sterilise it) is helpful.

After about three days please start applying savlon healing gel to the wounds until there is no more scabbing and the tiny stitches have come away. There is no harm in continuing to use this gel and indeed if you would like to buy some “sheald” cream from you can use this instead (it is expensive but many people are impressed by its results).

The slight swelling after surgery disappears rapidly, often within a few hours. If it persists, sleeping propped up can help it disperse. Some people report that they wake up after sleeping flat with some swelling which lessens as they move around upright.

There is often a minimal bruise/black eye which is absorbed during the healing process over a few days. Sleeping propped up can help.

I am available for advice and help throughout your journey. Helping patients through this sometimes anxious time is a pleasure so please get in touch if you are concerned. Putting your mind at ease is part of the process if we need to.

Finally – if you are pleased, I love receiving google reviews or reviews on the website – this is how you can leave feedback if you are happy to.

I offer Xanthelasma Removal and my clinic is easily accessibly from the South Coast and London.

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