Recovery From EVLA Surgery

varicose vein recovery image

Endovenous laser vein surgery (also known as EndoVenous Laser Ablation, EVLA or EndoVenous Laser Treatment, EVLT) is regarded by many (perhaps most) vascular surgeons as the “Gold Standard” varicose vein treatment for suitable veins. It treats incompetent veins which are feeding lumpy varicose veins under the skin surface.

Some clinics carry out phlebectomy at the same time as the laser ablation. Phlebectomy is the removal of the visible lumpy veins (these are the ones that are concerning you as the patient!). I usually do this at the same time unless other factors need to be taken into consideration.

A typical treatment visit would last about ninety minutes to two hours and once completed your treated leg would be bandaged with some gauze pads placed over the tiny incision sites, then a layer of crepe bandage with a top layer of stretch bandage which adheres to itself but not to skin and hair (if you have horses then you will be familiar with this bandage).

I will walk you back to the waiting room or the car park to meet your friend or relative who is kindly driving you home.

I am available for advice and help throughout your journey, both before your surgery and afterward as you recover and start to look forward to your better legs.

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