Preparation for your visit

Many people like to combine their consultation visit with their treatment (surgery). This works well for minor surgery like mole or cyst removal. For varicose veins or earlobe repair it is usually best to have separate visits since some planning is required, especially with varicose veins.

Your treatment will be carried out under local anaesthetic and apart from vein surgery is without sedation. You would therefore be able to drive home afterwards. A possible exception might be if the surgery is on the eyelid – the swelling due to the local anaesthetic might interfere with vision, thus a lift home would allow you to relax more without worry.

If you are contemplating treatment please wear something that will not be too tight over the treated area. Taking a normal dose of paracetamol before your visit will make the process more comfortable for you.

If you are on medication please bring the list with you and any inhalers or emergency sprays such as GTN should be brought in with you. If you have drug allergies please let us know (we will of course also be asking you).

For most surgery you can expect to return to work the next day but naturally if your work is physical and involves the treated part of the body you may need some time off – we can help guide you. For vein surgery most people take a few days off although it is recommended to wear compression stockings for 2 weeks and to be as mobile as possible.

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