Minor Cosmetic Surgery

Minor cosmetic surgery at Spire Southampton Hospital


If you are looking for mole, skin tag, lipoma or cyst removal for cosmetic reasons (and therefore not available on the NHS), I hold dedicated clinics in the Outpatients Minor Operations suite at Spire Southampton Hospital. These clinics are for ‘see and do’ appointments.

The guide price for excision of one mole, cyst, lipoma or skin tag at Spire Southampton Hospital is £450.  This price includes your consultant surgeon fee and hospital fee (including laboratory examination if needed). You will find more information about our one-off private treatment service for patients who do not have private medical insurance here:https://www.spirehealthcare.com/spire-southampton-hospital/how-to-book/paying-for-yourself/

The minor cosmetic surgery clinic is run as ‘see and do’ appointments whereby I will review your area of concern and if we are both happy with the decision to remove, I will proceed with the surgical removal there and then. If, for any reason, the minor surgery does not go ahead, a consultation fee of £150 will be charged. I carry out minor cosmetic surgery under magnification to give you the very best cosmetic result, using local anaesthetic. Your wound will be closed with extremely fine absorbable sutures so you do not need to return for removal of stitches. Most people are ready to go home within an hour.

If you have a mole which has changed in any way, you should see your own doctor who will refer you urgently to a dermatologist for diagnosis.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or a ‘see and do’ appointment at Spire Southampton Hospital, please call 023 8076 4314.