Life-Changing Local Anesthetic Lipoma Procedure

Huge lipoma removal under local anaesthetic.
Warning – picture of the lipoma which I removed!

“In my opinion, the op was life-changing as it’s not only given me confidence in myself as I don’t have a huge lump sticking out of me but also its given me comfort, my lower back no longer aches and I can lay on my back.

I had contacted a few surgeons and they all refused to do it under local. So I was so happy when you said you could do it. I was nervous about feeling pain during the op but other than the initial injection I didn’t feel a thing and was surprised by how quickly the lump was removed.

Having the op done was the best decision I made.
I’m really happy that you did the op for me and would recommend you.”

Some lovely comments from this lady which accompanied these pictures. Thank you to my patient.

If you have any lipoma or similar please get in touch, I would love to help.

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