Facial Mole Removal Recovery

Your initial contact – filling in an enquiry form on my website will send me your message regarding your mole. The more information that you can give me, the more comprehensively I will be able to answer you. I usually ask patients to send in a photo of their facial mole to help inform my advice and suggestions. Once I have seen that and know a little about your mole then I can advise what your surgery would involve and what the cost would be. I will let you know the full cost including consultation, surgery,laboratory analysis and pathologist report (I always get moles checked).

If you would like to proceed with your facial mole removal – we can organize either a consultation, or a consultation and proceed to surgery appointment. Some people like to gather as much information as possible and consider everything, in which case a consultation alone would suit. Some people feel that they have a clear idea of the process and their options and would like it sorted out in a single visit, in which case the latter would be best. Please bear in mind that if you are taking medication or have a significant medical history this option may not be appropriate.

If you decide to proceed, I will send you a diary invitation link which will show you available times on my diary. You will be able to book in to suit your own schedule.

On the day of your surgery – please eat normally (it is easier to be relaxed if you are not hungry) and taking paracetamol beforehand is a good idea, provided you are OK with paracetamol. It enhances the effect of the local anaesthetic and also makes the local more comfortable to administer.

I will discuss the surgery with you, take your written consent to surgery and answer any questions that you may have. If you choose not to proceed, that is fine – we can delay any decision if needs be.

Your consent process will include discussion of possible complications. Thankfully these are uncommon but need to be discussed. Things like the possibility of infection, scar formation and things specific to the location of your mole.

Marking the site – if it is not obvious which mole is to be removed I will mark it for you to check in the mirror. I often draw with a temporary marker pen on your face some orientation marks that will help guide me. I will ask you to smile, show your teeth and possibly purse your lips to show me how your face moves in the area of your mole.

Numbing up – I use a tapping technique to reduce your awareness of the local anaesthetic administration. This technique is very effective and many patients declare that they did not notice at all the local anaesthetic administration ( I cannot guarantee that, but it does help). We will then wait a few minutes for it be fully numb and I will test before we start.

Your surgery – We will have music on during your surgery which usually takes 20 – 40 minutes. We will be chatting to you (and sometimes people become so involved in the conversation that they nod and shake their head….I often have to remind people to stay still!) to make sure you are comfortable and to distract you.

Your wound will be closed under magnification using very fine (hairs breadth) self-dissolving stitches. These last up to six weeks but usually will be buried so you are not really aware of their presence.

The will be cleaned once again and a small dab of antibiotic cream applied before applying a skin coloured (well, depending on your skin colour!) tape. This tape should be left on for as long as possible. It protects the wound while it is healing.

You can allow the tape to get wet, although try not to soak it. When it starts to peel away (about a week in most cases) just allow it to come away.

The wound can then be cleaned during showering and afterwards a little healing cream applied. This could be petroleum gel (£2 approx), savlon healing gel (£4 approx) or “Sheald” by IS clinical (£60 approx) available from scaclinic.co.uk.

Once there is no scabbing and the wound looks like it has healed, if you wish you could use silicone scar tape at night (£20 approx) for about six months to give the scar every possible chance to look its best.

I am available at all stages for advice and guidance and if you need to pop back for me to see in person, your procedure fee covers that.

Once you have healed up, I would love to know that all is well – please let me know and if you are happy to, leaving a review is very much appreciated. You can do so on our feedback page.

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