Compression after laser vein surgery

What is the optimal period of compression after laser vein surgery (EVLA)?

Like most vascular surgeons I ask my patients to wear compression stockings after their vein surgery.

A team at Hull University has analysed 2500 varicose vein surgery cases published in clinical studies from multiple institutions. They found improved patient satisfaction and reduced discomfort when compression stockings were worn for 2 weeks compared with less than one week. A longer duration produced no additional benefit.

Compression stockings are worn in order to reduce bruising, improve comfort and reduce the chance of deep vein thrombosis after vein surgery. Although a nuisance especially in hot weather they are worthwhile. The Autumn term when the temperature drops is a popular time to carry out vein treatments. It also gives plenty of time to address thread veins and fully recover before next spring.

I would love to help you if you suffer from varicose or thread veins.

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