Can you prevent varicose veins?

I am often asked how can one prevent varicose veins?

Heredity is the main influence on development of varicose veins – there isn’t much you can do to modify that!

Pregnancy also plays a huge role – I often discuss before embarking on treatment whether future pregnancies are planned – in which case it may be best to delay.

Other than that, maintaining a healthy weight and staying active (which encourages good normal circulation) helps avoid the formation of varicose veins and if they do form, ensures that they are less likely to cause problems, like itching, and aching or ulcers.

On long flights wearing compression socks is beneficial and it may be useful to consider wearing them at work if standing for long periods.

Unfortunately, they cannot be completely prevented, but modern surgical techniques can help if you do develop unsightly or uncomfortable varicose veins.

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